Accepts / Does NOT Accept CA Judgment

Accepts (However, the Judgment must be domesticated by local counsel following the birth. The Judgment provided to local counsel must be both certified and exemplified. Other option is to have Kathleen McRoberts do PE in ID, which is what we have done in the past.)

Pre Birth / Post Birth

Post-Birth (SLC notes indicate pre-birth or post-birth- confirm whether this means that the pre-birth can be domesticated after the child’s birth, or whether a pre-birth is obtained first and then a CA post-birth will later need to be domesticated)

Married Hetero Couple

Unmarried Hetero Couple


Unmarried Same-Sex Couple

Single Parent

One Bio Connection

Two Bio Connections




No Bio Connections

Vital Records Information


  • Prior to the birth, provide the hospital with the GC’s signed Guardian Designation.  At the time of birth, an Acknowledgment of Paternity (green sheet) will be provided by the hospital and will need to be completed, signed by all parties, and notarized by the hospital’s notary.  The Acknowledgment of Paternity will list the Intended Father’s name on the birth certificate with the GC; the domesticated Order will instruct Vital Records to remove the GC’s name and issue a corrected birth certificate.

Birth Certificates: Varies, but typically 10 business days

Local Counsel

Kathleen McRoberts
(208) 409-1862
[email protected]