Egg Donation

As part of legal counseling and surrogate contract drafting, we address, among others, the following issues:

  • Establishing the intent of the parties regarding parental rights
  • Identifying the parties financial responsibility
  • Ensuring all parties are aware of the importance of informed consent
  • Ensuring the egg donor is medically examined and screened
  • Ensuring the egg donor is psychologically screened
  • Discussing the current status of the law and the attendant risks

Some of the services we provide include counseling intended parents and egg donors on the state of the law with respect to the different reproduction methods available; drafting of the contract(s) between intended parents and their egg donor; and reviewing the contract with our intended parent or egg donor clients.

The egg donor contracts that we prepare for our clients are comprehensive and thorough. If necessary, we also help guide parents through the finalization of their parental rights, which can seem daunting and confusing.

Our firm provides comprehensive legal and counseling services for those using assisted reproduction with a third party. Each client is ensured of receiving personalized attention, support and counseling.