Surrogacy Law

Friday July 24th, 2020

Parentage Equality Act Passes in Rhode Island

Lawmakers in Rhode Island’s House and Senate passed landmark legislation recently designed to address and overcome hurdles same-sex couples and unmarried couples face in obtaining parental […]
Tuesday June 23rd, 2020

Top Questions Regarding COVID-19 and Surrogacy

If you have already started down the path of working with a  surrogate  to begin or add to your family, or if you are considering it, […]
Friday April 10th, 2020

New York Legalizes Gestational Surrogacy!

Individuals and couples in New York who are considering working with a gestational surrogate to become parents no longer need to leave the state to do […]
Tuesday January 14th, 2020

Same-sex Couples Recognized in France as Parents of their Children Born Abroad

In a pair of legal decisions handed down in December just before the holidays, the French Court of Cassation ruled that both members of a gay […]