Surrogacy Law

Thursday August 26th, 2021

Children Born Abroad to Same Sex Couples Are Now Eligible For US Citizenship!

When children are born abroad to parents who are US citizens, those children are also considered to be US citizens, despite the country of their birth. […]
Saturday July 24th, 2021

Israel Lifts Ban on Surrogacy for Same-Sex Couples and Single Men

Current Israeli laws bar single men and same-sex male couples from surrogacy arrangements. However, those restrictions will be lifted by the end of this year. Although […]
Saturday June 5th, 2021

Children Born Via IVF or Surrogacy Abroad Can Now Get U.S. Citizenship!

A recent announcement from the U.S. State Department is cause for celebration for many parents and parents-to-be. Under a new policy, children born outside of the […]
Friday May 28th, 2021

Namibian Court Issues Gay Couple Travel Documents to Bring Home Daughters

Weeks after a Namibian court refused to issue travel documents for a gay couples’ infant twin daughters, born in South Africa through surrogacy, the government has […]