A MUST Read for Anyone who Knows Anyone Going through Infertility and Even If You Don’t!

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The one question you should NEVER ask, that is always asked when you get married is: “When are you going to have a baby?” As if you can go to your local grocery store and pick one up. When you are going through infertility treatments this question (and a few others) is especially painful.

Author Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo has written a funny and and on-point article in The Huffington Post on it and it is a must read for anyone who knows anyone who is struggling with their fertility – and even if you don’t! Because that’s the thing about infertility: it’s not a recognized disease so your friends may not be telling you what they are going through. They don’t wan’t to hear:

Between me and my fertility-challenged friends, we’ve been told that having long hair causes miscarriages (when your hair is too long, all of the nourishment goes to your hair and not a baby), if you buy a new mezuzah, you’ll get pregnant without any issues, you should stop jogging, douching is the key to conceiving or the ever popular, “just relax and you’ll get pregnant in no time!” line.

Really, saying “I’m sorry and I’m hear for you if you need to talk” is more than enough. Really.

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Dutch sperm donor prefers the “natural” method

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Make no mistake about it: what Dutch sperm donor Ed Houben is doing is not donation. When you have sex to create a child, that’s a dad, not a donor. And while Dutch law may protect him, he, as well as the couples and individuals he donates for, should look into the laws where the child created is born and resides. I’m sure William Marotta wishes he would have consulted with an attorney in Missouri before he donated too.

And while Ed Houben. in the New York Post article, likes to think of his sperm as:

“Sperm cells are like candy at Mardi Gras,” Houben says. “The more you throw out, the better you get.”

He needs to remember he is creating a life here with the potential for some very real consequences.

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Ontario proposes to pay for in vitro fertilization

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Not a headline I would ever expect to see in the US, but it is good news for Canadians residing in Ontario!

It’s for limited coverage, as reported by The Canadian Press. As stated:

They say they plan to help would-be parents pay for one cycle of in vitro fertilization for all forms of infertility starting early next year.

It does exclude the cost of medications, which can be in the thousands, but at least it’s something. There are some states in the US that mandate that insurance cover the cost of fertility, but those states are few and far between.

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Italy court overturns ban on egg or sperm donation

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Italy’s constitutional court has struck down a ban on egg or sperm donation for infertile couples. Great news for couples struggling with their fertility who need an egg or sperm donor to help them create their family! As The Washington Post states:

Wednesday’s ruling was a victory for couples challenging the ban on medically-assisted egg or sperm donation that is part of a 2004 law regulating procreation.

Couples and individuals have had to travel from Italy to other countries, such as the United States or Spain, for their egg or sperm donation. Now the next step is for the government to come up with guidelines.

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Surrogacy Trending up over last decade

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Stephanie M. Caballero, Esq., the founder of The Surrogacy Law Center, was interviewed for an article that appeared in The Bakersfield Californian this past Saturday discussing surrogacy and its trends. See some of her quotes below and feel free to read the entire article at the link provided.

Surrogacy laws vary by state but California remains one of the best spots for surrogacy, said Stephanie Caballero, an attorney who founded The Surrogacy Law Center and co-owns the agency Extraordinary Conceptions in Carlsbad. One reason is that, with the right legal work, the names of an infant’s intended parents can go directly onto the birth certificate.

Surrogacy remains an expensive undertaking. Caballero estimated that even if a family member acts as a surrogate for free, the process could cost $40,000 to $50,000.

Those who use an agency, Caballero said, should expect at least $80,000 in expenses and possibly up to $100,000. Many times, parents help their children finance a surrogacy process.

“They want to see their children have children and (infertility is) grueling,” Callabero said.



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France Legalizes Gay Marriage

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Despite angry protests, France legalizes gay marriage today, becoming the 14th country to do so. The bill also allows gays to adopt and allows the use of surrogacy. A celebration indeed!

France became the 14th country in the world to allow same-sex couples to wed Tuesday, when its parliament approved a law that has sparked often violent street protests and a rise in homophobic attacks.
Lawmakers in the lower house National Assembly, where President Francois Hollande’s Socialists have an absolute majority, passed the bill by 331 votes for and 225 against.
The law also allows same-sex couples to adopt children.
“I hope people across the country will celebrate this moment,” Martin Gaillard, a 31-year-old advocate of gay marriage, told English-language news site France24.com.
Opponents of the law have held increasingly angry protests in recent weeks, including a string of confrontations with police in Paris.
They fought hard to scuttle the parliamentary bill because it also allows the use of surrogate motherhood by gay couples wanting children.

The debate is also blamed for fanning a spate of homophobic attacks, including the beating up of a 24-year-old in the southern city of Nice on Saturday, Reuters reported.

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Sperm donor case to be decided by summary judgment

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William Marotta

In a recent article that appeared in the Topeka Capital-Journal, this case case will be decided by partial summary judgment, as the attorneys for the state are expected to file the motion requesting partial summary judgment. For those who don’t know,  partial summary judgement is a procedural device used during civil litigation to promptly and expeditiously dispose of a case without a trial. It is used when there is no dispute as to the material facts of the case and a party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law.

In the judge’s orders issued Friday, she wants to know whether Marotta is a sperm donor and what his status is. The judge also froze the non-biological mother’s motion to intervene in this case. Under recent rulings in the state of Kansas, Bauer, the non-biological parent, is attempting to show that she should be legally declared the mother. Under current Kansas law, same-sex couples cannot be legal parents, but these two rulings do offer hope.



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